Blown Insulation Advantages

Despite the fact that this winter is still undecided whether it’s coming or not, there is no disputing that it does get pretty cold here in Canada. There is no way electricity prices are going to drop any time this lifetime, so we have to think of other ways to reduce the (sometimes ridiculous) energy bills.

Most construction and homebuilding professionals will put insulating your attic on the list of best ways of achieving this goal. So why all the hype now? Wasn’t the option there all along? Not really. In recent years, insulation materials and their application methods have started shifting from traditional fiberglass batting to more advanced and efficient solutions. Older homes could mostly choose between different types of batting. Today’s alternatives are more extensive, and frankly, better.

One of the alternatives available today is blown insulation. Toronto homeowners who wish to get better attic insulation at a relatively low price have picked this as their favourite.

 Blown Insulation Vs. Batting Insulation – a Comparison

Blown insulation is much tighter and creates a constant heat and air barrier. Where batting is restricted by its shape and size, blown bits of insulation pack into narrow spaces, filling all gaps.

 More Advantages – Fast Install Times

Unlike pretty much all other insulation types, blown insulation is installed incredibly fast. In many instances, topping up your attic can be completed in as little as an hour, and there is minimal disruption to the home.

 It Saves Money

Blown insulation is also much more cost effective, as it is considerably less labour intensive than batting insulation. And ultimately, by insulating your attic which covers the greatest square footage of your home (outside of your walls), you can get the biggest bang for your buck in terms of energy savings. The savings you get can go into hundreds of dollars, which means the insulation will pretty much pay for itself in the span of a few years.

Not doing this upgrade might result in more money loss because the old and worn insulation is not really insulating your house anymore, causing you to run the heating or A/C extra, lavishly padding the pockets of energy companies. Putting that money back in your own pocket feels good and simply makes sense. Call us now and we’ll get your home insulated in no time!

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