Should You Choose Foam Insulation For Your Home?

When you are constructing a house or renovating an old property, one of the questions you will be addressing is what insulation to use. There are two main approaches to this decision; the traditional and the new concept one.

Some of Toronto’s more conservative homeowners choose the old approach of installing fiberglass batting or similar materials, which works well enough, of course. However, if you are keeping your eyes open and nose to the wind, you will find that there is another option that may just prove far more efficient.

Foam insulation is a real modern marvel and is rapidly becoming more and more common in Toronto’s market. It holds a multitude of benefits, including installation ease, high energy efficiency and reduced lifetime costs too. Here is a more detailed recounting of this type of insulation.

Energy Efficient

When compared to many other types of insulation, foam insulation is very good at keeping the controlled air inside the house. The ability of insulation foam to keep heat out in the summer and in during winter is superior to most types of insulation available in the market today. The reason for this, is that once applied, it spreads to fill every nook and cranny, eliminating cold sinks where other types of insulation might leave gaps.

Easy to Install

Foam insulation is easy to install, especially in finished homes. While it is best to spray foam into an exposed cavity, pour foam is an alternative way of insulating your home with foam without having to tear down walls. Rather, foam is ‘poured’ through a minimal amount of small access holes. Those pre-drilled openings are just big enough to introduce the foam into the walls and are easy to cover over once the foam is installed. While pour foam is not suitable for every application, it is certainly a viable option for some.

Long-Run Savings

We all want to make sure that we spend our money wisely, of course, and so cost is a major consideration. The reason that some homeowners may be reluctant to opt for foam insulation is because of its slightly bigger price tag. The truth is that price should be considered in the longer perspective.

In addition to the saving produced when installing it in an existing property (not needing to tear down walls can save a penny or two), it also lasts longer than many other insulation types. It doesn’t sag, settle or collect humidity.

Add this to the already mentioned energy savings, and you get a deal that is in fact almost ridiculously cheaper.

The bottom line is that this list of advantages make spray foam far superior to many other insulation types. It is a wise choice when constructing a new property and doubly wiser when insulating an existing home. The speed, energy efficiency, and reduced cost that it produces make it a superior choice by far.

If you are looking for an optimal solution for your home insulation project, foam insulation is exactly that. If you want to know more about types of foam insulation available and the specifics of cost and installation times, call us now and we will be glad to assist you.

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