Choose Your Insulation Contractor With This 5 Step Checklist

In another article we’d discussed the choices of insulation materials, relevant to both, the DIY installer and the homeowner who will hire a contractor but wishes to do some research in advance. Now let’s approach another question. You choose to hire professionals and now need to choose someone for the job.

Very much like choosing the insulation material, deciding on the insulation contractor, whether for installation or removal of insulation, is very important. It can, however, be a daunting task for a homeowner with no experience in the field. And you really want to make the right choice here, because it will have implications ranging from immediate (how fast the job is going to be done) to longer term (how well the house will be insulated, and how it will affect your energy bills).

This article was written to give you a safe, tried and tested 5-step checklist that will make picking your Toronto insulation contractor much, much simpler.

Step One: Licensing. Check that the company you are reviewing is licensed and insured through W.S.I.B coverage and also liability insurance. The license should be current and specify the type of work that they are legally allowed to do, as well as the province where this permit applies.

Step Two: Experience. Make sure they have ample experience. You can’t know the ins-and-outs of this line of work until you’d spent enough time doing it. When there are so many types of insulation and methods of their application, a one-year old business will be more prone to make unnecessary (and costly) mistakes. Always remember it is not always a question of the cheapest option.

Step Three: Training. All installers should be trained and certified. It is not enough for the main guy to be certified, every one of the working men on the job should be as well. This is not only a means to ensure a job well done, but covers potential liability. If every worker is trained by the manufacturer to install a specific product, you can safely bet that they also have the manufacturer’s support and backing during the installation. Sort of like an additional insurance, just in case.

Step Four: Fleet Size. Ask if your insulation contractor has more than just one truck. Why? Imagine that you are getting spray foam insulation and there is an equipment malfunction on the job site (aka, your attic). A company that has more than one truck can ensure that the experienced delay is minimal.

Step Five: Gear Specialist. This applies mostly to spray foam but not to it alone. When the installation is a complex process which depends on elaborate equipment, you really want your contractor to have an equipment specialist on staff keeping it in top shape. This type of gear should be checked for integrity and calibrated to ensure a safe, prompt and efficient installation.

Good luck in your search, and if you’re looking for insulation professionals in Toronto, feel free to contact Jerry’s Insulating!

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