Heating Bill On the Rise? Have Your Attic Insulation Checked!

This article is getting as relevant as ever with the winter practically at our doorstep. It is not very cold yet, but you know that when it kicks in – it will kick hard. One of the things every homeowner knows winter will bring, is the heating bill.

You know it and we know it, no matter how much you pump up the heating, when your insulation is not in the best shape, some (if not most) of that precious heat is going to escape. So what do you do when you are cold? Just like you need to have a warm coat and hat when you step outside, so does your house need nice and fuzzy insulation for the walls and attic.

This is something that many homeowners somehow forget about, concentrating on their walls and basements. But try to leave the house without your hat on, and you will understand immediately how important it is so be insulated up there as well!

Attic Insulation the Toronto Way

One of the beautiful things about good insulation is that it is cost-effective, and a one-time fix. You take care of it now, and enjoy 10 – 15 years of warm and snug winters, as well as a reduced electricity bill.

In addition, unlike heating systems, it does not “work”. It serves by simply being there, requiring no repairs or maintenance at all. As a final bonus, it also acts as a sound barrier, providing additional protection from unwanted street or road noises.

Question Number One – Where is your Heat Leak?

As we mentioned above, many people tend to focus on walls, windows and doors, while forgetting that hot air naturally rises up. If your attic is not properly insulated, heat will escape from there in happy glee, warming up the winter air above your rooftop. The attic itself does not need to be very hot, so it is in fact the attic floor that needs to be fluffed up to make your upper floor’s ceiling more cold-resistant.

To give you an idea of how efficient this is – from what we’ve seen in the years we’ve been in this business – proper insulation of your attic can reduce your energy consumption by 20% to 60%. The average 40% can translate to hundreds of dollars a year, not to mention the discomfort of having to constantly worry about it.

Question Number Two – How Much Insulation is Needed?

Inspect your attic’s insulation and measure how much of it is there at the moment. Current building code recommends insulating your attic space to R-50, which is equivalent to approximately 18 inches of insulation. So, if you have considerably less than that, it may be time for a top up!

Question Number Three – What Material is your Insulation Made Of?

This also has to do with insulation quality, but it pertains first and foremost to your safety. If your insulation if made of Vermiculite, there is a chance that it contains asbestos. This is a risk most often encountered in older homes, constructed before the time when asbestos was found to contain carcinogens and was banned from use in construction. Its removal is not necessary if you wish to just add insulation on top. Current insulation however, no longer poses a health risk, as it is not only free of asbestos (of course), but it is also formaldehyde free.

If you need insulation work done on your Toronto home, Jerry’s Insulating professionals are here for you!

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