How to insulate a home properly

There are many differences between the different methods of insulation such as spray foam and blown insulation in Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga.  However, the most important aspect to consider is that you have a professional install the insulation method you choose correctly.  Poor preparation ahead of insulation can lead to a whole host of problems in the long run.  Taking the time to have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing when installing spray foam and blown insulation in Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga will ensure that you will have not only warmth in your home, but longevity.
A great way to guarantee that you are dealing with an insulation specialist that is able to install both spray foam and blown insulation correctly is to familiarize yourself with the best practices of the industry.  We have outlined below the top 3 things insulation professionals do that demonstrate that they know building science inside and out.

1) Attic insulation should only be done after reducing moisture and air sealing is complete.

A lot of people think that you can just throw the insulation in place and it will be a done deal.  If you get the impression that this is what someone is planning to do, steer well clear.  The outcome of this cowboy approach to spray foam or blown insulation installation can leave you with an attic or walls that are mouldy and unhealthy.

A lot of homes do not have sufficient attic insulation, this can leave the attic quite warm.  This warmth actually helps prevent any condensation forming from leaks in the walls, as a result, they can seem dry places.  Once you add in some insulation, the room will cool.  If any potential leaks are not sealed before the installation of the spray foam or blown insulation this can result in a buildup of moisture and subsequent mould and wood rot.

2) The choice of insulation should be done after inspecting the home.

Not all insulation types are suitable for every home, blown or spray foam will be recommended based on a number of different factors.  Also, this recommendation may differ from floor to floor.  As not every component of each home will have the same challenges related to access and moisture.  When looking at a home, the best spray foam and blown insulation professionals in Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga will think about why a room needs insulating.  This can help inform the choice as to which material and method to use.

3) The insulation needs to protect the whole home, leaving a part unprotected will devalue the whole exercise.

While it is important to examine each room that the insulation will be installed in, it is also crucial that the plan keep the whole house in mind as well.  Leaving an area of the house that would essentially be letting all of the heat out is akin to leaving the front door open during winter.  You simply wouldn’t do it because it would make the house cold.  There are challenges associated with this.  As homes are getting more and more modern, the design of them can be more complex than traditional homes.  This is when you really need a spray foam or blown insulation installation professional on hand to not only install, but also remove any old insulation in the building.

Having someone who knows what they’re doing and that is eager to tailor their approach to suit your specific needs is a must when considering having spray foam insulation or blown insulation installed in the Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga area.

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