Why Insulation Removal Should Be Left to Professionals

There are many things that a frugal homeowner can DIY around the house, if he has the right tools, some skill and lots of spare time. And then there are more than a few other things that are best left to professionals. This list contains plumbing, electrical work, roofing, basement construction, eavestroughs and some other things that you just can’t afford to mess up.

Insulation removal is on the fringe of the second list, and often finds itself added to the first. This is a mistake that many homeowners have paid for, and not just with dollars. The truth of the matter is that while insulation installation is not exactly trivial and easy, it is mostly safe. Insulation removal, however, is not at all a safe thing to undertake without professional preparation and protective gear.

Like many other man-made materials used in construction, insulation has undergone a great deal of changes in the last several decades. One of the changes was that all insulation containing asbestos was banned from use entirely.

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