How to make your home more energy efficient and eliminate air infiltration

All residential homes will want to breathe, having air flow through the doors, windows and floors.  This includes the attic.  This airflow is a direct result of the air pressure and temperature differences between the outside and inside of a home.  Every home, including new builds will have air infiltration; and limiting this as much as possible is an important factor to consider when trying to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

In very cold climates this is a significant issue as heat loss can be quite costly for the homeowner.  Taking the time to weatherproof your home is vital to ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible.  Many people who find that their utility bills are too high will look to blown insulation or spray foam insulation as a means to reduce these costs.  Residents in Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga often find that the spray foam insulation upgrade has a significant effect on the amount they spend on utility bills during the harsh Canadian winter.  Air infiltration can be very uncomfortable during the winter as drafts of cold air can be felt in certain locations.  If you have a particularly cold room in your home, it may be worth looking into how spray foam insulation can ensure a much more pleasant temperature all year round.

Due to the current economic and political climate surrounding energy efficiency, more and more homeowners are seeing energy efficiency as a very important goal for their homes. Blown insulation or spray foam insulation can be a very quick and easy solution when looking to prevent air infiltration and reduce household costs.  The real bonus to updating the insulation in your home is that it is a financial gift to yourself that will eventually pay for itself.

Preventing air coming into your home is not the only benefit to blown insulation or spray foam insulation.  If air can get into your home easily, then so can other things such as bugs insects and potentially larger infestations.  With spray foam insulation an airtight barrier is formed to keep out any undesirable guests.  This will not only help achieve greater energy efficiency, but also prevent the need for expensive exterminations and damage to your home that can be caused by bugs and other vermin.

All construction and insulation experts will tell you that making a home more airtight is the first step to ensuring that the building is as energy efficient as possible.  Surprisingly, even newly built homes will suffer from air infiltration and can have very poor energy efficiency ratings.  Blown insulation or spray foam insulation can have a huge impact on your home’s value by raising this rating. In Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga the number of homes that are not optimized for maximum energy efficiency is quite low.  If you are unsure of how energy efficient your home is, contacting a company that provides blown insulation or spray foam insulation is the first step to saving money, increasing the energy efficiency of your home, reducing air infiltration and even helping the environment.

Every homeowner needs to take the time to investigate exactly how much air infiltration their home is experiencing.  This can be advantageous in both the short and long term.  Not only will you be reducing the cost of your monthly utility bills, you will also be vastly reducing the amount of energy that you waste each month.  Blown insulation or spray foam insulation have proven very popular solutions for many Toronto, Hamilton and Mississauga residents.

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