Why do I need a professional to remove my current insulation?

If you are considering reaping the benefits of an upgraded and more modern insulation solution, such as spray foam insulation, the first step will be to remove the existing insulation.  This is something that needs to be done professionally as special equipment is needed.  Saving money and energy is not the only reason to remove your old insulation.

Traditional and old fashioned insulation does not do a great job of keeping insects and animals out of the walls and ceilings.  Infestations can occur quite easily and the older method of  insulation as older methods do not cover every crevice and crack the same way that spray foam insulation does.  Squirrels and rats have been known to make traditional insulation their homes.  If this is the case then it is best to have all of the insulation removed and replaced with a more modern solution.  Spray foam insulation in Toronto is not only very affordable, it will save you money in the future due to its energy saving properties.

Another common problem that traditionally insulated homes encounter is mold.  Older methods of insulation do not repel water and if improperly sealed it will hold water and begin to fall apart over time.  This means that the insulation is no longer doing its job and costing you more money.  This is particularly true of Attic insulation in Toronto and Hamilton due to the drastic changes in temperature between summer and winter.  If this is left untreated then this mold can spread throughout the entire house.  If you find one area with mold, it is very likely that other areas of the house are compromised as well.  For this reason it is best to have the whole insulation removed and replaced with a more modern technique such as blown and spray foam.  This new method of insulation will be able to safely repair water and avoid any costly problems caused by mold.

In addition to water damage, another reason that some people need to have their old insulation removed is fire.  During the course of even a small fire, it can become necessary to completely remove the existing insulation.  Having a professional do this is essential as the insulation will need to be completely removed before new insulation is applied.

Renovations are a good opportunity to upgrade your insulation.  Having a team of professionals remove your attic wall or floor insulations is important.  All residue must be removed using specialised equipment in order to ensure that the new insulation will be able to do its job effectively.  We can help you save a great deal of money by installing blown or spray foam insulation into your Toronto or Hamilton home.  Not only will this save on heating costs, you will also see added value in your home should you plan on selling.

Removing any type of insulation can be done by our experts, we do caution anyone considering removing insulation on their own.  Traditional forms of insulation can cause adverse health effects if the necessary precautions are not taken.  Also, it is vital that all of the existing material be removed before applying a more modern insulation type.  We have specialised equipment that allows us to do this effectively.  It is our goal to provides you with the very best long term insulation solutions to your home.  Ensuring that any blown insulation, spray insulation in Toronto, Mississauga or Hamilton is done to the highest standard is a promise we try to deliver on constantly.

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