Spray Foam Insulation and Safety

Spray foam is a relatively new kid on the block, and has raised some concerns and questions. There is some worry among homeowners that spray foam insulation is somehow not very safe. The truth is that within 24 hours from being applied, there is off gassing associated with the spray foam. That is why any reputable and properly trained insulation specialist will tell you that the home should be vacated for 24 hours after spray foam application. After that, the foam becomes a rigid plastic, posing no safety concerns.

Foam Insulation – The Method

So where did the worry originate? Is there any real grounds for it? Yes and no. Let us explain. Spray foam insulation comes in two components (side A and Side B) that are combined together in a chemical reaction. It is essentially manufactured in your home, not in a factory. Side A contains isocyanates, which are highly reactive chemicals that cause the bonding with side B. Once the two chemicals are bonded, the isocyanates become inert, meaning they are now stable and no longer reactive.

This is one of the main reasons why spray foam insulation should never be considered a DIY project. It needs special protective equipment and application machinery to safely use. Those safety instructions and protocols are rigorously followed by professionals and are the reason the homeowner should leave the house for 24 hours when foam insulation is installed in their Toronto home.

Where Else are Isocyanates Used?

This group of active chemicals is widely employed in many manufacturing fields, including mattresses, car seats, truck bed protective coatings, furniture, sile craft and packaging. In some cases they are integrated in the material, while in others it is a spray-on surface application.

The key to spray foam is proper application of the material. Our installers are certified installers who are trained on a yearly basis on such things as technique and safety protocol. The manufacturer of our foam will only distribute to certified installers. Through this way, the industry ensures that federal Canadian standards for spray foam insulation are being maintained.

When looking for a spray foam company in the Mississauga or the GTA area make sure the installers are certified, and that the company has plenty of experience. With over 40 years of experience you can count on us to do the job right! Give us a call today.

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