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Jerry’s Insulating Solution Center is your one stop shop for all your insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing needs. We have years of experience with projects of all types, scales and sizes in the Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara regions. We insulate homes, walls and basements, soundproof basements and attics and generally help protect your home from heat, cold, humidity, fire and noise. Any job you can think of in this category – we can do.

Renewing Insulation is Important

Some old homes, built prior to the 1960’s, have little or no insulation to begin with. Newer homes’ insulation also gets old over the years as the home ages. Cracks in the walls admit humidity that damages it, and other factors also cause the insulation to deteriorate. As it sags, cracks and crumbles (an inevitable process that is especially noticeable in older buildings), it may accumulate humidity, become the nesting place for insect colonies and simply allow in drafts in the winter or let the A/C cold escape in summer. All of this will cause a drop in your standard of living, a rise in the electricity bill and loss in property value.

Home Wall Insulation Options

We at Jerry’s Insulation, offer insulation options that allow you, the homeowner, to replace the existing insulation with new, modern top-grade materials. We can do a complete overhaul, tearing down the existing old, mouldy and cracked insulation and replacing it with new insulation instead.

Another great option is to opt for Blown Insulation. It is a method in which the insulation is injected into the wall via pre-drilled 1″ holes. The fiberglass compound will fill up the space between the exterior and interior walls, creating a perfect isolating layer that will keep you safe from sound, cold and heat.

Another option is injecting a Spray Foam Insulation compound. Once sprayed, the foam will settle and retain its R value, with no risk of soaking water, sagging or shrinking. It is inserted as a liquid and fills in the tiniest of cracks before setting into a nice, solid styrofoam-like substance.

Sound Insulation

When you are planning a movie room in the basement, you want to make sure that you are nice and soundproofed so as to allow as little noise disturbance as possible to get in or out of the place. Soundproofing baby bedrooms is also important, as the smallest amount of noise can scare them or wake them up. If you want to record sound or do any work in one of the rooms that requires complete silence, we can produce this for you.

Renovations or Construction

We do insulation, soundproofing and fireproofing on all scales, including commercial. We work with private homeowners as well as construction and renovation companies, providing convenient bulk rates for large orders. If you are building a room addition, second storey or any room that requires insulation, you will want this job to be done by professionals that use only the highest grade materials and do a perfect job. In short, we are the ones to work with. Call Jerry’s Insulation now and we will take care of everything for you!