Pour Foam Insulation

Old homes (constructed before the 1960s) often have less wall insulation or no insulation at all, costing the homeowner hundreds of dollars more a year in electricity bills and creating real noise problems. Even relatively newer homes age and over time, as the exterior walls admit humidity and wind, the older types of insulation materials used in construction 10 or 20 years ago begin to sag, crack and wither. They become perfect nests for insect colonies and mould, endangering the building and its inhabitants. In some cases, when the problem hasn’t been identified at an early stage and had reached a level of deterioration that is hard to reverse, you will need to pay lots of money to tear down wall sections and remove old insulation before you can install the new one. But if you act now, you may just save yourself this time, money and effort. An old home can be re-insulated without going into all of this, by using pour foam.

Pour Foam Insulation Advantages

  • Pour foam is injected into the wall cavities and expands 60 times its initial volume.
  • Pour foam performs as both an insulation and air barrier material. By minimizing random air leakage (convection) – the source of up to half of a building’s energy loss.
  • As an air barrier, pour foam minimizes the intrusion of outdoor allergens, odors and pollutants and works with proper mechanical ventilation to let occupants control the quality of the air they breathe.

Eliminate the costs of tearing down walls and going into a long, excruciating construction project with this clean, fast and affordable solution. We at Jerry’s Insulation have vast experience in introducing pour foams to homes all over the Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Hamilton and Niagara regions for over 40 years. Our jobs come with a 5 year warranty and our employees are the best you can find in the business.

If you need insulation, soundproofing or even fireproofing, we can do this for you, offering attractive rates for large scale projects and ensuring the use of green, eco friendly highest-grade materials! Call us now and we will take care of all your insulation needs.