Sound Proofing

The need for sound proofing is becoming more and more apparent, as families’ lifestyles are changing and more people are becoming aware of the impact of noise polution on their sleep, productivity and happiness.

With many activities taking place simultaneously in homes today, finding peace and quiet can be a challenge. Today’s insulation products function as both thermal insulation and sound proofing materials.

Benefits of Sound Proofing

  • Install batting or foam insulation in interior walls to increase the walls sound absorption properties.
  • Isolate noise from specialty areas in your home, such as your home theatre.
  • Provide privacy for all family members in the home.

Sound proofing is something that every family needs if the home is in use. Taking a daytime nap when the kids are playing in the next room can be challenging. Trying to work from home while they are playing video games is pretty much impossible. With the growing trend to separate activities according to the household members’ individual needs and with those activities often requiring concentration and silence, sound privacy becomes a must condition everywhere.

Who Needs Sound Proofing in Their Home?

  • If you are dividing a larger home into separate rental units, sound proof insulating between them will make the tenants more comfortable. This will positively influence the rent.
  • When you are having an addition to the family, the newborn’s room should have sound proof insulation to ensure his or her peace and good night sleep.
  • If you are creating a work-at-home office, then you have to make sure you suffer no loss of productivity due to intrusive noises from outside, or within the house.
  • If you are planning a party room, or billiard lounge, in the basement, with the intention of having guests for loud into-the-night parties, you will spare yourself lots of neighbor noise complaints by insulating the space well.
  • The same goes for home DIY workshops, especially those that involve power tools. Make sure you have a well sound proofed space and keep the noise in.
  • Finally, all and any sound work (such as recording, mixing, editing etc.) can be done at home only if the room is completely sound proofed.

There are many good reasons to get sound proofed insulation for your home, peace of mind definitely being among the first in the list. We also see a growing demand for homes that are sound proofed, so there can be a reasonable expectation in the rise of sound proofed property values. As a nice bonus, the price for this is not at all that high. The reason is that what you get is insulation that is also sound proof. You get a great product that will save you hundreds of dollars a year on electricity bills, and it is sound proof as well, as a bonus.

We provide insulation, fireproofing and sound proofing services in the Toronto, GTA, Mississauga, Hamilton and Niagara regions. Give us a call and you will also be pleasantly surprised with our prices!