Think Green!

  • The average North American home emits approximately 10 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year – primarily due to heating and cooling our homes.
  • 17% of energy used in Canada is used to operate our homes today.

Why Insulate?

  • Increasing your home’s insulation can decrease this energy usage.
  • Proper insulation and air sealing can effectively reduce a home’s greenhouse gas emissions and thereby reduce your family’s ecological footprint. For example, a home with natural gas heating and an average monthly gas bill of $110 could reduce green house gas emissions by as much as 4000 lbs.
  • If your home was built before 1985, upgrading your homes insulation can reduce your energy usage by up to 35%. Moreover, if your home was constructed prior to 1960, upgrading your homes insulation can decrease its energy usage by over 40%.
  • By choosing the right type of insulation, the use of gases and VOCs that contribute to climate change or ozone depletion can be minimized