Insulation Removal

Sometimes insulation needs to be removed for new insulation to be installed. It can become necessary in the case of old homes, with cracking or warped exterior walls that allowed humidity in. Moisture will seep into batting insulation, making it saggy and prone to attract mould or even freeze in the winter. This can speed up wall deterioration dramatically and might lead to significant damage in the near future. In some other cases, when an insulation project goes bad, it also needs to be removed and replaced. A DIY project might not go as planned or an uncertified “professional” may have been employed and also did a poor job installing the insulation.

This can lead to loss in property value, rising electricity bills and more unpleasant outcomes. As soon as you suspect your insulation may not be in good condition, you should get it examined. Hints of that happening can be drafts or cold spots or rooms in the house (especially near exterior walls). If you see a sudden incline in your electricity bill (especially following a harsh winter or severe summer thunderstorms with lots of rain), it can also be an indication that the insulation may need to be replaced.

We specialize in the removal of attic insulation, including batting and blown products. The removal is conducted with specially designed removal machines located on our trucks. The insulation is removed through hoses from your attic to our truck to minimize any dust within your home.

Why remove your existing attic insulation?

  • If your insulation has been exposed to excessive moisture or water you may want to remove the existing insulation before replacing with new material or spray foam insulation to prevent potential mold problems.
  • If you are planning on converting your attic into living space.

We generally advise new homeowners to inspect the home’s insulation before moving in. Not only poor insulation is something that will allow you to bargain a better price for the property, but will also allow you to fix the problem prior to the move. It will be more difficult and might cost more once all of your possessions and furniture are inside the house. Efficient insulation removal allows for efficient installation of new insulation, using upgraded, high quality materials and innovative technology.

If you are worried about costs, we can say only that poor insulation will cost you more. Not just in electricity bills, but in property value and other things, including your family’s health. Soggy insulation may become the home for black mould, which can cause allergic reactions, respiratory problems and worse.

Having high quality, tightly sealed insulation is super-important for those reasons and more, and even when you are considering to install the insulation on your own, insulation removal is best left for professionals. We will remove, clear, pack and dispose of the old insulation in a fast, clean and efficient manner.
With questions about prices, additional services and areas of operation, call our number during business hours and our operator will be glad to assist you!