What can spray foam insulation do for me and my home?

Spray foam insulation is a very popular alternative to traditional insulation materials.  As a more modern method of insulating your home it is resistant to a lot of the issues that plague older fashioned insulation methods such as mould and pest infestation.  To learn more about how upgrading to spray foam insulation can help save you money and better protect your home from the elements, read on.

The many advantages to using spray foam insulation:

  • You will be able to reduce your monthly electricity bill each month.

By choosing spray foam insulation as the method of insulating your home you will be able to enjoy some considerable savings on your bills.  This is due to less heat being lost through the walls and roof of your home.

  • Greater protection from moisture build up

With older, less effective means of insulation you run the risk of having moisture get into the insulation cavity.  Spray foam insulation forms a perfect seal so no moisture can get in or even and drafts.

  • Help eliminate dust and pollen

Spray foam insulation can help keep out dust from the outside and even pollen that could penetrate your home through walls that do not have a perfect seal.

  • Bolster the structural integrity of your home.

This is often surprising to some, spray foam insulation can help increase the structural durability of your home.  The insulation is of greater density than other methods, as such it helps to maintain the structural integrity of the home.

  • Reduce the sound coming in from outside.

Spray foam insulation is able to reduce the amount of sound that gets into your home.  This is of particular benefit to you if you are close to a noisy road or you live near train tracks.

  • Spray foam insulation is more durable.

One of the best reasons to get spray foam insulation installed is that it is a permanent insulation solution. Many of the other materials that can be used for insulating your home are prey to decay and sagging over time.  This leaves your home open to drafts and inefficient heating costs.

  • Pests cannot get into your home.

Traditional insulation material does not fill every crack in your homes walls in the same way that spray foam insulation does.  This helps prevent drafts and unwanted heat loss, but it also stops pests getting into your home.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

In addition to saving you money on your monthly heating bill, spray foam insulation will also lower the amount of energy you use.  You can boast that you have made your home more energy efficient and you are doing your bit for climate change.

  • Eliminates the possibility of mould build up.

Spray foam insulation has many great properties.  One of the most notable is that it is mould resistant.  The material itself does not provide an environment where mould can thrive, unlike older more traditional insulation materials.  Damage caused by mould and mildew build up in the insulation cavity can be expensive.  Knowing that spray foam insulation is not susceptible to either is a great advantage.

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