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Choose Your Insulation Contractor With This 5 Step Checklist

In another article we’d discussed the choices of insulation materials, relevant to both, the DIY installer and the homeowner who will hire a contractor but wishes to do some research in advance. Now let’s approach another question. You choose to hire professionals and now need to...

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Blown Insulation Advantages

Despite the fact that this winter is still undecided whether it’s coming or not, there is no disputing that it does get pretty cold here in Canada. There is no way electricity prices are going to drop any time this lifetime, so we have to think of other ways to reduce the (sometimes ri...

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Tips For Choosing Your Insulation Method and Material

Insulation is a big topic in Canada, especially with the electricity prices on a constant rise. Proper insulation of your home can reduce hydro payments drastically, saving hundreds of dollars yearly. The question we get asked a lot, as Toronto insulation professionals, is – which insulati...

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