Underfloor spray foam insulation in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton

Spray foam insulation can be used in the floor of your home to very effectively address the insulation needs of your home.  The ability to get access to the underfloor area by removing the floorboards makes the installation of spray foam insulation easy and efficient.  This type of underfloor spray foam insulation is great in both winter and summer temperatures.

As spray foam insulation eliminates the air flow through the underground cavity regardless of the season it is a very effective means of regulating the temperature of your Toronto, Mississauga or Hamilton home.

There are several positive effects when you apply foam floor insulation. Not only does the installation of spray foam insulation require very little inconvenience to the home owner it also lasts for a very long time.  Due to the materials used there will be no water vapour build up, which is the most common cause for insulation to become degraded over time.  As water vapour often promotes the development of mould, the floor can become buckled over time.  When the existing insulation is professionally removed and spray foam insulation is installed this is no longer a concern in the short or long term.

Spray foam insulation and underfloor heating

If you are contemplating having an underfloor heating system installed, then it is wise to ask what type of underfloor insulation you need as well.  Usually the majority of contractors will use polystyrene as a means of insulation.  Not only is this less effective than spray foam insulation, it is also prone to damage.  Cracks can form quite easily in any polystyrene board that is used as a means of insulation.  Spray foam insulation is a great tool that allows no gaps in the seal around the underfloor heating.  This means that the overall heating efficiency of the underfloor heating is increased which helps lower the cost of your electricity bill.

Do you find that your home has drafts that make relaxing at home uncomfortable?

Due to the fact that spray foam insulation forms a completely airtight barrier by expanding to fill every crack in the floor and walls of your home, it can help eliminate any air leakage that you have in your home.  The benefit to this is of course a lower electricity bill that you will notice over time.  The immediate benefit is that you will no longer feel those chilly drafts of air when sitting in certain rooms, or areas of the house.  Another great benefit to spray foam insulation’s ability to seal all cracks is that pests will not be able to enter your home.  This can be a huge problem for homes with traditional forms of insulation as older materials used make ideal homes for pests.

Do I need to insulate the floor under my crawl space?

The short answer is yes, if you want your home to be as energy efficient as possible then you should consider having a professional install spray foam insulation in the floor and if applicable, the exterior wall of your crawl space.  This is especially good advice if you are using the crawl space for storing anything of value that could become damaged with constantly oscillating temperatures or pests.

If you are looking to have spray foam insulation installed in any area of your home it is very important that you ensure that any existing insulation is removed fully.  Having a team of professional insulation removal and insulation specialists to do this is vital to ensuring that your new spray foam insulation will last a long time.

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