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Busting Home Insulation Myths

It is common knowledge that improving your home’s insulation will make the place more comfortable, and amount to some hefty savings on the electricity bill as well. There are, however, quite a few beliefs surrounding insulation that are also treated as common knowledge, despite being a...

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Should You Choose Foam Insulation For Your Home?

When you are constructing a house or renovating an old property, one of the questions you will be addressing is what insulation to use. There are two main approaches to this decision; the traditional and the new concept one. Some of Toronto’s more conservative homeowners choose the old...

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Removing Insulation in Old Homes

It is often far cheaper to buy an older property and fix it up to a better condition. The cost of repairs is usually far less than the difference in price for a newer home. Among the things that need repairs, in most older properties, is the insulation. Old insulation is often soggy, damaged ...

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