Is spray foam insulation the best material for someone with allergies?

Finding in home solutions for allergy sufferers is a big problem for a lot of families. Spray foam insulation can help eliminate many of the allergens that are found in traditional insulation materials such as fiberglass.  Attic insulation in particular can be the cause of eye and skin irritation in both children and adults.  This can be especially common in older homes where the insulation has become word down and small debris particles are now entering the home.

Once the spray foam insulation has been installed it can prevent allergens from entering the home from the outside much more effectively than traditional insulation methods.  This is because spray foam insulation can prevent air from entering the home, and that is typically the way that pollen will enter the home once the windows are closed.

How can you prevent insulation allergies from traditional insulation?

Making sure that you have your insulation inspected on a regular basis is important as you will quickly see if there is an immediate need to replace insulation that has fallen into disrepair.

Symptoms of insulation born allergic reactions include.

An itchy rash

This can be caused by a variety of things, but it could be an indication that you need to upgrade to spray foam insulation as method on insulating your home.

Coughing, Sinus Congestion and Throat Irritation

If out of cold and flu season, this is a more clear indication that something in your home is causing you to react badly.  It could be time to have your insulation inspected as it may be the cause.

Asthmatic symptoms of breathing difficulties

At this stage, you would be able to have a clear idea that something is very wrong and need to address the problem of your degraded insulation sooner rather than later.

If you are concerned that your insulation is causing you to experience an allergic reaction or irritation then you should have an insulation expert inspect your existing insulation. Spray foam insulation could be the solution you have been looking for.

What is it about spray foam insulation that makes it better for allergy sufferers.

Spray foam insulation acts as a vapor and air barrier.  Doing everything to prevent moisture from forming in insulated cavities is very important to prevent a whole host of problems in your home such as rotting and pest infestation.  The major problems that will have an effect on allergy sufferers can be eliminated or significantly reduced through the use of spray foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation also creates a much better air barrier than traditional insulation.  By reducing the airborne allergens such as pollen from entering your home you are further reducing the chances of having an allergic reaction inside your home.

Why is it important to keep pests out?

Spray foam insulation does a great job of keeping pests from entering your home through gaps in the outer walls.  Traditional insulation materials create the perfect dark and moist environment for termites, spiders, cockroaches and even rodents. Spray foam insulation seals the insulated space and stop these pests from infesting your home.

Another major advantage to having a spray foam insulation installed in your home is that it will last a very long time.  It will not sag, or degrade over time and requires almost no maintenance.  So, not only will you have done all you can to prevent allergens from bothering yourself and your family, you will also have ensured that you have chosen a cost effective insulation solution that will last a long time.

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